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Pilling pilot is an optimal solution when executing works with large loads, ensuring a solid foundation. Pilling pilot is widely applied to various types of buildings such as high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels and seaport constructions … Especially, the construction of bored piles on the sea has its own particular characteristics.

Features of pilling pilot construction at sea

Regarding equipment, the construction of pilling pilots on the river and sea should use jackup surface of barges from 1800 tons, and at the same time, the survey of water level must be 3m or more to help the machine stand and drill. Jack-up is a platform to raise and lower the sea, can be constructed in severe weather conditions (big waves, high winds). Currently in Vietnam, Dua Fat is the first mechanical construction unit. owning Jack-up raised floor technology in the field of handling foundation works at sea.

Construction on rivers also takes longer with longer preparation work as all machinery and equipment and the implementation team are moved by rivers. At the same time, the construction unit must equip the specialized drilling system and PRD system on the crane, the drilling system attached to the ship and the platform, the jutting out, to install the equipment.

The weather at sea is often more complicated than on land. The factors of hydrological conditions, tides, wind direction and underground waves have a direct impact on the stability of the drilling system. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the weather of the area to ensure the safety of the construction as well as the progress of the project.

When constructing underwater constructions, in every unit, safety committee plays a particularly important role. Workers must receive regular training, safety practices, equipment installation problems, electrical lines, or the movement of each worker through areas subject to special care. unfortunate incident occurred.

Some typical projects

The technology of construction of pilling pilots requires contractors who have sufficient capacity and experience in manpower, equipment, construction processes and behaviors when incidents occur during the construction of bored piles.

With more than 10 years of experience, Dua Fat is an expert in the field of foundation treatment for key projects including bridge and seaport projects such as Hoang Van Thu Bridge, Bach Dang Bridge, Hoa Phat Port. Dung Quat…. Dua Fat has also equipped special machines and equipment with a team of experienced workers who are regularly trained.

One of the typical works recently is Hoa Phat Dung Quat Port. It can be said that the period of time that Dua Fat workers implemented the project in the Central region at the time the weather was very complicated was caused by weather and climate factors such as rain, wind and storms. permanent and constant capital on this coastal area.

The difficulty was more and more difficult when during the process of surveying and discovering the bad geological area – mainly solid granite, leading to the large number of meter drilling, the intensity of the original rock was greater than 1400N. hard rock. With technology and drilling in other units can only handle 1200N, while Dua Fat  has transferred “heavy” warriors, LIEBHERR LB44 bored pile drilling machine capable of drilling solid rock and specialized drilling system. use and 2 floor lifting jacks automatically 1 & 2 concentrated here.

It can be said that whether or not the conducting of pilling pilots is successful is a combination of the “heaven, earth, and peace” in which human factors, the capacity of the coordinating construction unit. together with the decisive equipment to ensure the construction quality and schedule for works. This has been proved and confirmed by Dua Fat  during the past 10 years when always selected by the investor as the construction unit of the decisive item – the foundation of large projects.