The Quang Ninh Province Communication Center is anticipated to embrace new development trends in the information flow, digital transformation in the field of journalism, and address existing infrastructure issues. Simultaneously, it aims to continue embodying the province’s proactive and pioneering spirit in implementing the Party and State’s viewpoints, policies, and directives over the past years.

After five years of operation with a unified media agency model, the provincial Communication Center operates in a headquarters infrastructure that lacks coherence due to the amalgamation of previously separate entities. To facilitate modern media operations and keep up with the new trends in the information flow, Quang Ninh Province is currently intensifying the construction progress of the provincial Communication Center headquarters.

Construction Site Overview

Taking on the role of the contractor for the Quang Ninh Province Communication Center, at the beginning of 2024, the Duafat Corporation is pooling all resources and manpower to ensure the project surpasses its schedule with the highest quality.

The headquarters of the provincial Communication Center is being constructed in Hong Hai Ward (Halong City) with a total investment of nearly VND 770 billion from the provincial budget. The building is designed as a 20-floor structure, with a total height exceeding 105m and a floor area of nearly 22,000m2. This includes a 5-floor base block, a 14-floor tower block for specialized workspaces, film studios, technical areas, dining and kitchen services, shared spaces, and a basement for parking and technical areas. The blocks are interconnected to meet technical requirements.

The team of experts and technical staff from Duafat Corporation is working on the bored pile drilling section.

The project, designed with inspiration from the beautiful natural surroundings of Ha Long Bay, blends the elements of mountains, clouds, and the sea in three main colors: gray, white, and green. The design evokes the image of rocky mountains with a fascinating natural shape. The green landscape, auxiliary structures such as guardhouses, internal roads, synchronized technical areas, and decorative lighting enhance the overall visual appeal, in line with selective and suitable urban development for the future.

Assessing the unique nature of the project, Mr. Vu Thanh Tuan (site supervisor) stated that despite intense efforts, the geological conditions in the area are complex. The piles are deeper than designed due to the presence of caster caves, with some piles having to be drilled more than 70m to reach the hard rock layer. Consequently, organizing construction is challenging, with incidents of footwall collapse in the flowing sand geological layer and bentonite loss in caster caves.

Architectural Rendering of the Provincial Communication Center Headquarters.

In response, Duafat Corporation proposed a solution, reported to the investor, and implemented suitable construction measures. Overtime work has been organized to ensure the project’s progress. Currently, 51 out of 77 bored piles and 550m of Larsen sheet piles in the axis 8 area have been completed. The goal is to complete bored pile construction by early March 2024.

Once operational, the Quang Ninh Province Communication Center will meet the information needs of the province, ensuring effective media agency operations. It aims to become a modern communication center with credibility and broad influence, commensurate with the province’s position and role as a high-quality service and industrial center. Additionally, the project serves to promote the uniqueness of Ha Long Bay, a wonder of nature, on modern structures.

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