The most attractive football tournament in the North – Dua Fat Open Cup 2022 has officially opened in the exciting and energetic atmosphere of 15 teams.

On the afternoon of October 8, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 2002 Dua Fat Open Cup football tournament took place successfully, attracting the attention of the audience as well as the most enthusiastic fans of the “king sport” game live on the tournament’s online channels and the Nhip Dap IPhui system – the companion of the tournament.

At the opening of the tournament, Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company appreciated and congratulated the teams, players, and referees for their willingness to make a successful season.

The Head of the Organizing Committee of the 2002 Dua Fat Open Cup shared: “The 2002 Dua Fat Open Cup is the first annual football tournament created by the Dua Fat Group, with the desire for a fair and fun playground for the white collars. Approaching the near-professional football field, Dua Fat wishes the players participating in the competition to promote the spirit of solidarity, honest competition, creating a noble culture in sports, dedicating to the audience with good matches to affirm that football is the king sport, the king of emotions, and a great connection between players, spectators, businesses”.

Next, the player Tran Viet Trung Hai, the captain of Dua Fat representing the teams and the players took an oath, pledging to participate in the competition honestly and wholeheartedly to create good football matches and bring glory to the team.

On the side of the referee team, Mr. Nguyen Van Truong, the representative of the referee team, also took an oath to do the right thing, strictly abide by the regulations of the tournament organizers, the competition rules, and control the tournaments under the spirit of purity, honesty, fairness, resoluteness, and impartiality.

After nearly 2 years of procrastination due to the complicated Covid-19 situation, the return of Dua Fat Open Cup 2022 promises to have the top football parties and spectacular goals for the beloved audience.

There are 15 teams from different units divided into 3 groups competing in the round-robin format. Besides the host team DuaFat FC is the presence of a large number of teams in Hanoi and neighboring provinces such as: FC Hai Anh, FC Fan The Cong, FC Mylan, FC Nam Dinh, Nam Tien FC, Cam Khe, FC MUSVN, FC RED, Beer Duc Duong, Binh Minh FC, Yen Lung FC, TGT HN FC, Hoang Phuong Auto, FC Nam Do. 

The thrilling opening match between the host team FC Dua Fat and FC Nam Dinh 1 took place with the warm cheers of the audience and fans immediately after the opening ceremony.

Đội hình FC Đua Fat

Đội hình FC Nam Định 1

FC Nam Định 1 hội ý chiến thuật trước giờ bóng lăn 

The host team brings a special addition from Hung “Black” – Van Su of Ha Tay youth team, along with a young factor named “Paul” Tuyen to create smooth gameplay. The guest team also brought huge changes; the number 1 factor of Nam Dinh 1 – Phung Van Nhien is likened to a wall. He used to play for the Vietnam National team and Duoc Nam Ha Nam Dinh.

The first few minutes passed with equal opportunities for both teams. The first situation that broke the tie came from a mistake by Dua Fat’s defense line in the 17th minute. Receiving a pass from his teammates, Huu Tuyen took the opportunity to score in a 1v1 situation with goalkeeper Tien Manh. The visitors were taken aback by a situation of central coordination: No. 5 — Huu Anh scored for the Nam Dinh team off an extremely awkward pass from Viet Duc.

Hope with FC Duafat was lit when the passes became deadlocked, and the fixed situations became extremely valuable. With a decisive pass from rookie Paul Tuyen, Ghanaian striker Boafo Yaphets did not refuse this precious gift, giving the host team a goal in the 39th minute. Came to FC Duafat from a picturesque cross from No. 7 Van Thinh and ended with a very decisive one-touch finish from Duc Quang.

After the first half, FC Duafat entered the second half with impressively ball control with both wings operating at full capacity. On a day when FC Duafat’s defense’s flaws were exposed, two goals came in quick succession for the guest team. It is a hat-trick on the first day of this year’s tournament for Huu Tuyen on penalties and a situation in which the ball deliver was rapidly descending. But hope was rekindled once again when FC Duafat had a goal to shorten the score with a double from Boafo.

FC Dua Fat could not find an equalizer minutes later because of the defense of Phung Van Nhien and the stability of goalkeeper Dao Dinh. The good fortune did not arrive until the final seconds, when Quang Duong assisted FC Duafat in reclaiming a point. 

After 90 minutes of intense chasing and ball battles, the two teams maintained a 4-4 draw. This is a perfect result for the opening match of the season. At the end of the match, the players left the field to express their regret over many missed beautiful shots and their determination to win the 2002 Fat Open Cup Championship.

Follow the upcoming journey of the Duafat Open Cup 2022 on the tournament fanpage: hoặc cập nhật thông tin trên fanpage Nhịp đập iPhủi. 


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