Chairman Le Duy Hung of DuaFat Group did not hesitate to reveal the investment roadmap of more than VND 300 billion to expand equipment and machinery in 2020. During the meeting, the two parties not only shared directions and upcoming plans but also participate in sports-friendly football activities to show the internal culture of the company between the two businesses.

Accepting the invitation from the meeting to work at Hong Ha Shipyard, on the afternoon of June 20, 2020, DuaFat Group is pleased to welcome the delegation of officials and employees of Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Company Limited to visiting, work and cultural exchanges. Once again affirming the friendship of cooperation between the two businesses and opening up more development contents.

The atmosphere was joyful and friendly at the President’s office.

At the meeting and working at the press conference room, Chairman Le Duy Hung shared with the leader and staff of Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Limited Company about the current operation of the enterprise, the upcoming construction items. In which, the floating and towing role of Hong Ha plays a significant role—thereby emphasizing and highlighting the value of cooperation between the two parties. In progress outlined until October, the two parties should quickly promote the production and launch of barges and jack-up equipment to keep up with the demand for construction on the sea.

He also did not hesitate to disclose the Group’s investment plan on expanding the capacity of equipment and machinery in 2020 with more than VND 300 billion committed to disburse, of which two-thirds of the budget is for operation. The cooperation of building new ships and barges is now provided by Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Company Limited, one-third of the budget for purchasing special drilling equipment ordered by Duafat orders heavy industry companies in the world such as Bauer, Liebherr, Sunward, etc. One more step towards strengthening competitiveness in the market of building foundation Vietnam.

LIEBHERR Group of Germany with LB28, LB36 and LB44 bored pile systems, in which LB44 is the most massive capacity drilling machine up to the present time that the manufacturer and manufacturer. Bauer multinational corporation with the world’s largest drilling machine BG46 with a drilling diameter of up to 3,700mm and a maximum depth of 126m. Sunward Group (with international stature in researching,manufacturing and manufacturing construction machines, especially drilling machines customized for each geological project)


On the occasion of the first visit, the delegation visited and worked at the group office, as well as towards the 11th anniversary of the founding of Duafat, Comrade Pham Van Tuan – Director of Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Limited Company sincerely gave Duafat the Fast Attach of Gun which developed by Hong Ha personally and the product, that made the reputation of shipbuilding enterprises in Vietnam not only for the civil segment but also. It plays a significant role in the defence industry and consolidates Vietnam’s military resources.

Chairman Le Duy Hung is pleased to receive a unique gift from the Board of Directors of Hong Ha Shipyard

Immediately after the end of the office visit, delegates and officials of the two parties attended a friendly football match between a team of two businesses at the Ha Dong Stadium, FC’s “home ground”. Duafat.

The players and coaching team start the match

The fierce battle between FC Hong Ha and FC Racing Fat took place attractive, balanced but still showing the sports spirit and fair play between the team of soldiers and the beautiful image of the reigning runner-up Duafat Open Cup 2019. President Le Duy Hung wears the No. 10 captain’s shirt, as usual, leading FC Duafat striker to welcome FC Hong Ha.

The final result, after 90 minutes, ended with a score of 5-3 in favour of the home team players. 2 teams have given the audience on the pitch a goal party. Hong Ha FC players, although they rarely played on the real pitch with the model of 11 players like Duafat FC, showed their stubbornness and discipline efficiency when they only lost in the last minutes of 2. The enthusiastic playing style that promises to bring more exciting and dramatic matches for the 2020 Duafat Open Cup will take place in the middle of August. Chairman Le Duy Hung also cordially sent an invitation to join the Board of Directors to BLD FC Hong Ha football team.

After the end of the match, the two teams and the delegation moved to the reception area and cultural and arts exchange.

At the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors of Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co., Ltd sent an invitation to Chairman Le Duy Hung to visit and attend the anniversary of the establishment of the business in October 2020. On behalf of Duafat Group, Chairman Le Duy Hung gladly accepted. With the belief, increasingly the relationship and coordination between the two businesses will be more sustainable and effective for increasing value and promoting the construction economy in general, and the combination of private and defence models in particular.

Reporter of DUAFAT’s PR team.


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