After nearly 2 years of hiatus due to the epidemic, the football tournament – Duafat Open Cup 2022 has officially returned. The season promises to continue to be a competition of heroes on the pitch and a fierce competition to bring glory to their team. 

On the afternoon of September 30, at the headquarters of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company, the Press Conference & Draw for the 2022 DuaFat Open Cup football tournament took place with the participation of the company’s Board of Directors, the organizers and 15 teams representatives. 

According to the organizer, Duafat Open Cup 2022 is the successor to the previous seasons’ competitive spirit and exciting atmosphere. Moreover, the tournament also added many differences and adjusted the rules to be more professional, becoming the most attractive exchange playground of the “playing football” movement. 

At the Press Conference and the Group Draw, the organizers answered all questions and listened to the aspiration of the teams to be a premise for a united and successful season. 

The 15 teams participating in the DuaFat Open Cup 2022 were divided into 3 groups by random draw. The results of the draw and division of the table brought a lot of surprises to the teams when the heavyweights for the championship were evenly distributed among the tables, promising to create even and balanced matches. 


The press conference & Draw for the 2022 DuaFat Open Cup football tournament ended successfully, the teams are very ready for the journey to become the champion of this season. 



The official schedule of Duafat Open Cup 2022 football tournament 

Before that, many exchanges on the sidelines of the Duafat Open Cup 2022 took place, attracting the attention of many fans. 

At 4:00 p.m. on August 14, at Ha Dong Stadium – the “base” of the Duafat Open Cup, a friendly match between Dua Fat team and FC Huu Bang took place in a very lively atmosphere. enthusiastic support from fans. Although the weather is quite hot, it cannot reduce the “blood” and sportsmanship of the players. 

At the same time frame on August 27, at Lach Tray Stadium (Hai Phong), a fiery match took place between FC Hieu Huong Hoa Phuong and Dua Fat team. Competing in one of the largest stadiums in Vietnam is like adding heat to the players, many beautiful shots, breathtaking moments and professional techniques have been shown and rubbed by the strikers.  

Then, on September 3, Dua Fat team continued to compete with FC Hoang Phuong Auto at Ha Dong Stadium. The match was quite tense, the two groups closely followed each other in each phase of contention. The audience continued admiring the blood and enthusiasm of the 11 players on the field. Although it was an exchange match on the sidelines of the season, the heroes on the pitch really made the Duafat Open Cup 2022 warm-up even before it officially started. 

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The organizer, register to participate: 0971 608 698 (Mr. Dung)

Contact for communication and sponsor: 0982 207 575 (Mr. Tuan)

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