Not merely a power-enhancing equipment in the construction industry, the Liebherr HS853 HD – 80T chain excavator is likened to a mighty titan, ready to confront and overcome all challenges posed by heavy-duty projects. With a lifting capacity of up to 80 tons and impressive features, it brings diversity and flexibility to projects demanding high lifting and stability.

Possessing a lifting capacity of 80 tons, the Liebherr HS853 HD chain excavator is robustly designed, ensuring ample strength to handle strenuous tasks and demand high stability. The “heavy-duty” design specifically ensures sustainability and provides high safety during operations, minimizing risks and maximizing protection for every construction site.

With a main boom structure of 32 meters, the Liebherr HS853 HD excavator provides flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project. Alongside powerful traction systems, it ensures optimal performance without compromising accuracy.

Furthermore, this “titan” comes equipped with amenities such as a 16-ton free-fall winch, a conventional 16-ton winch, an auxiliary hammer, along with options like the ICE 36 RF-TS hammer (additional cost), enhancing the excavator’s adaptability in various conditions.

Specifically, its stable operation on flat 900mm tracks and the Mercedes OM444LA 600kW engine ensure flexibility and ease of control. Evaluated and marked with CE, this excavator adheres to the highest safety standards, making it the ideal choice for heavy construction projects such as bridge construction, factories, and other large industrial projects.

The Liebherr HS853 HD – 80T chain excavator is not just a construction tool; it is a reliable partner delivering maximum power and performance for every heavy-duty project. With its versatility and impressive features, it stands as the titan that every contractor and investor dream of for success in each project.

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