In the construction and industrial sectors, crawler cranes play an undeniable role in transporting and lifting materials, especially in large-scale projects. With their strength and flexibility, these types of cranes have become indispensable arms, helping to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Among the various product lines, the HITACHI KH250HD – 65T Crawler Crane has established itself as a top choice for projects requiring high lifting capacity and reliability. With a lifting capacity of up to 65 tons, the HITACHI KH250HD is not only a powerful machine but also a symbol of precision and performance.

Equipped with a powerful engine and modern control system, the crane allows precise and safe lifting and lowering operations. Its sturdy crawler design ensures stable load balancing and enhances stability and maneuverability on complex terrains, minimizing risks during operation.

One of the most important factors of the HITACHI KH250HD is its flexibility and ease of operation. Advanced and accurate control systems enable operators to perform lifting and moving tasks accurately, reducing errors and accident risks, thus increasing productivity and ensuring safety for both workers and assets.

The crane’s design also emphasizes operator safety with a spacious cabin, shock-absorbing systems ensuring comfort during work, along with warning and accident prevention systems. These features enhance work efficiency and protect workers on the job site.

In addition to its impressive lifting capabilities, the HITACHI KH250HD crane features a flexible design with extendable crane components, allowing it to perform tasks in confined spaces. This expands the crane’s application possibilities in various working conditions.

Furthermore, the HITACHI KH250HD is equipped with convenient features such as a safety braking system, modern shock absorption system, and intelligent electronic management system, optimizing performance and energy savings. This not only reduces operating costs but also enhances the crane’s longevity and efficiency.

At Đua Fat, the HITACHI KH250HD – 65T Crawler Crane is not just a powerful working tool but also a reliable partner accompanying the team of engineers in conquering every project. With its strength, flexibility, and high reliability, it truly serves as a strong arm, elevating Đua Fat’s position in becoming a leading company in foundation construction, port construction, and offshore wind power projects in Vietnam.

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