Operating a crane vehicle requires a set of skills with the primary objective being to ensure safety for all individuals involved. Strict adherence to these safety operating rules not only ensures safety but also enhances the performance and reliability of the crane vehicle during operation.

Below are safety operating rules that crane operators need to adhere to:

1. Regular Inspection: Before using a crane vehicle, the operator must conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that all components are functioning normally, without signs of damage or wear.
2. Training and Certification: Operators must undergo professional training and possess a valid certification from an authorized agency.
3. Use of Personal Protective Equipment: When operating a crane vehicle, the operator should wear appropriate protective gear and use personal protective equipment such as a helmet and safety shoes.
4. Adherence to Operating Procedures: Operators must adhere to established operating procedures, including the use of signals and basic language for communication between the operator and support personnel.
5. Safe Load Capacity: Avoid transporting loads exceeding the crane’s capacity. Check the load capacity chart and strictly adhere to it.

6. Control Speed and Travel Distance: Always adjust the speed according to road conditions, weather, and the crane’s load.
7. Maintain a Safe Distance: While operating, maintain a safe distance from workers and equipment to prevent collisions and accidents.
8. Regular Maintenance: Crane vehicles need regular maintenance according to the schedule to ensure that all operating systems are smooth and safe.
9. Consider the Operating Environment: Avoid operating crane vehicles in areas with strong winds, unstable terrain, and high-risk zones.
10. Prompt Reaction to Incidents: In case of an incident, the operator needs to remain calm and perform necessary actions to ensure the safety of individuals and equipment.

Adhering to these rules not only ensures the safety of the operator and those around but also contributes to extending the lifespan of the crane vehicle and minimizing the risk of occupational accidents.

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