Secant Bored Piles

  A technique uses lowered and lifted casing by rotation and vibration. This solution does not require Bentonite fluid to preserve the bored hole’s edge. The particles inside the casing are taken out by a clamshell excavator.

Steps of constructing Secant Piles:

    • Step 1: Prepare construction plan, assemble machinery, equipment…
    • Step 2: Prepare driller, electric generator…
    • Step 3: Locate the drill holes
    • Step 4: Lower the casing
    • Step 5: Drill the holes using specialized drillers – pump Bentonite fluid into the hole constantly during the procedure.
    • Step 6: Clean the boreholes.
    • Step 7: Lower the steel cage – clean the boreholes again if needed
    • Step 8: Lower the Tremie pipe – concreting the pile.
    • Step 9: Remove the steel casing


  • No need to use Bentonite fluid, keep construction site clean, guaranteed pile quality


  • Hard to make 30-meter piles
  • Cumbersome machine. Big vibration while working. Hard to use for crowded constructing in the city.