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Since 27/02/2020, Dua Fat Foundation Joint-stock Company (JSC) has decided to change the business structure into Dua Fat Group Joint-stock Company. This step represents a new development stage of the business, with a view to being the top construction foundation corporation in Southeast Asia.

After 11 years of operation and development, Dua Fat has become a renowned construction contractor brand in Vietnam. To declare the company’s position, expand and develop the service quality, Dua Fat Construction Foundation Company is pleased to announce the change in our company’s name to our valued customers and partners:

1. Detailed information about the name changes

Context Prior information Updated information Note
Address No. 15, next to no.10, Xa La Urban Area, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi. No. 15, next to no.10, Xa La Urban Area, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi Unchanged
Enterprise identification number 0104008162 0104008162 Unchanged
Seal imprint Changed

  1. Since 26/02/2020, Dua Fat Group Joint-stock Company officially uses the updated name, as mentioned above.
  2. From 26/02/2020 onward, we would like our valued customers and partners to use the updated information above for contract signing, annex contract, contract termination, payment bill issues, and other civil transactions. In case the issued bills and guarantee use the old company’s name, since 26/02/2020, please contact the General Finance & Accounting Department for further adjustment instructions.
  3. The company’s name change does not affect any transactions, relationships, civil duties, and other previously signed contracts. If necessary, our customers and partners can sign a supplementary annex contract to change into the new name.

Dua Fat Group Joint-stock Company is pleased to inform the news to our valued customers and partners for cooperation.

Best regards.