Towards the celebration of the national holiday, the staff of the Dua Fat team also gathered all resources, from the office to the construction site, excitedly setting up achievements to celebrate September 2. In addition to the human factor, Dua Fat also invested in modern machinery and equipment to maintain its position as the leading foundation construction unit in Vietnam as well as the unit that owns the highest quality construction machinery in the market.

Strongly investing in machinery while improving position and capacity.

Dua Fat is a leading unit in the field of foundation construction in Vietnam. At the present, the equipment system of Dua Fat is determined to be the top in the region in terms of both quantity and technical parameters.

Ranked in the leading position in terms of quantity and technique, Dua Fat identifies machinery as the most important tool for the construction process to take place quickly and smoothly. Therefore, regularly updating new technologies and equipping new equipment is one of the development orientations of the company. 

Before that, in the last 6 months of 2021, Dua Fat has continuously added a series of machines with a value of up to trillions of dong: 05 SANY SR285R bored pile drilling machines, 02 jack-up barges (Design symbol) SNN 01-02) – highlighting the turning point that Vietnamese enterprises can self-align barge production with specifications compared to professional corporations in the world.

05 SANY SR285R bored pile drilling machines will be added to the equipment system of Dua Fat in 2021.

The jack-up barge (symbol SNN 01-02) continues to be co-producted by Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company and Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (Z173 Factory) under the General Department of the Vietnam Defense Industry. This equipment is capable of construction in severe weather conditions, the raised floor is made of SS400 Steel material with the length of 25.00m, 17.00m wide, side height 2.44m, draft 1.60m. 

Dua Fat’s self-lifting barge has four pillars (3 12m each) with a total length of 36m each made from AH36 Steel.

The jack-up barge (symbol SNN 01-02) is the first new equipment built according to the design drawings approved by the Vietnam Register and granted a certificate. The materials and equipment for the production of jack-up barges are also inspected by the Vietnam Register before being put into production. 

In 2022, Dua Fat continued to promote a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company, signing a cooperation agreement to manufacture jack-up barge equipment with a larger capacity. It is towards the goal of Chairman Le Duy Hung to promote investment in technology and equipment for construction in the sea. 

Besides, Dua Fat also focuses on developing the human factor to maximize the productivity of equipment and machinery. A team of highly qualified engineers will be trained to meet the strict standards of the market field. Starting in 2022, Dua Fat organizes a program of giving full scholarships and supporting annual personnel training for underprivileged children in remote areas who want to reach out to promising career opportunities. 

Accordingly, Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company awarded 200 full scholarships in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An. The education is applied to the following occupations:

  1. Operate bored pile drilling machines. 
  2. Operate crawler crane. 
  3. Operate excavators and air compressors. 
  4. Captain, navigator. 
  5. Marine machine. 
  6. Repairman of construction machinery, electrical machines, engines, and hydraulics. 
  7. Welder, electrician, mechanical repair.

Successful candidates will be sponsored by the Group to finance training, living expenses, social insurance, health insurance, etc. The above occupations will be trained at quality training institutions to ensure that candidates after graduation will meet the working standard in large corporations in Japan, Korea. This is determined to be an important step for Dua Fat to consolidate its human resources and make a signature contribution to social responsibilities in disadvantaged localities and regions across the country.

Ready to enter the global competition 

With serious and professional investment in both equipment and human resources, Dua Fat once again affirms its position as a leader in the field of foundation construction in Vietnam.

Possessing the most modern machines on the recent market with a team of skilled and experienced engineers, soon a team of well-trained adjacent engineers at prestigious educational institutions will definitely be the golden key to open a new door of success for Dua Fat in the future. 

This is also an assertion to partners and contractors about Dua Fat’s capacity for core and complex projects that require high technology, especially the foundation for the Company to conquer fields that have been identified. For instance, foundation construction, wharf, bridge and offshore construction at wind projects. 

Dua Fat determines that this is also the driving force to reach out to the world, being able to compete with foreign units (especially China) to confirm the pride, national pride, and extraordinary ability of a Vietnamese company. The strength of technology combined with people’s willingness will create new achievements so that Vietnamese people can confidently build and execute works on the sea and islands of Vietnam.

Affirming its reputation in a new position at Dua Fat Kim Son Multi-functional Service Port 

The efforts of the Board of Directors and all employees of Dua Fat have been recognized by partners and investors when bringing projects ahead of schedule with exceptional quality. From projects on the mainland such as apartments, industrial parks to weak terrain areas, the coast has received a “rain” of compliments from partners. 

Especially, at the beginning of 2022, the Group officially stepped to a new level as an investor in the Kim Son Dua Fat Multi-function Service Port project located in Kim Tan commune, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province with a construction scale of 172,716.4 m2, total investment of 450 billion VND.

The perspective of the project Dua Fat Kim Son Multi-functional Service Port 

The project is located in the planned area of the Kim Son marine economic key area, which is considered to be the connection of the inland transportation system and trade in the area. The Port of Dua Fat Kim Son is determined to play a significant role in the strategy of developing river and sea capacity. Besides, the project also contributes to the promotion of local economic development.

Dua Fat Kim Son Port includes the following items: 5 wharves with the capacity of loading and unloading 3 million tons of cargo/year, transportation services of 1 million tons/year, building and repairing 12 ships and 36 times/year respectively with the ability to receive ships with a maximum tonnage of 10,000 tons. 

The groundbreaking ceremony of the project attracted a lot of attention from the local government and press agencies. 

When the port started, Dua Fat Kim Son Port will help businesses be proactive in equipment maintenance to serve the construction of works on rivers and the continental shelf of Vietnam progress and quality while lowering the costs for works. In detail, the project opens up the direction of development, and continuously builds new additions to the system of floating equipment and specialized ships. 

Photos at Kim Son Fat Racing Port project 

With a solid foundation of equipment, personnel, and the right orientation from the Board of Directors, Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company will continue to promote its strengths and focus on completing all projects, contributing to socio-economic development and affirming Vietnam’s position in the international context.

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