Regularly praised as one of the strong cells that significantly contributes to the development of the Party Committee of the Enterprise Block in Ha Dong district, the party cell of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company plays an outstanding role in the superior growth of Dua Fat recently.

After 5 years of establishment, under the direction of the Party Committee of Ha Dong Enterprises and Resolution No. 09-NQ/TU, dated February 27, 2012, on “Strengthening the construction of the Party and mass organizations” in enterprises outside the state sector in Hanoi city, from now to 2020″, so far, the Party cell of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company has grown strongly, meeting the requirements of the public.

Discussing the Party development orientation at the office level, Mr. Le Duy Hung, Secretary of the Party cell, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dua Fat Group said: “Always believing in the correct leadership of the Party, Dua Fat is determined to have the right attention to improving the quality of activities, promoting the role and position of Party organizations and mass organizations, and helping enterprises develop substantively and sustainably. At Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company, those chiefs must be Party members. In strategic positions, leaders must be party members to develop further.

Furthermore, the party’s development is solidified by selecting elite individuals to create source cadres. The training and admission of new party members is a regular task to develop the Party cell. The purpose is to consult the Board of directors on how to manage the enterprise to develop sustainably and achieve good results”.

In June 2022, the Party cell of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company held a Party admission ceremony for new members, fostering future elites for the Group.

With the core role of accompanying businesses in stable development, the Party cell of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company has contributed significantly to the impressive growth of the business. Annual revenue growth is more than 800 billion dongs in 2019, expected 1500 billion dongs in 2022, paying nearly 3 billion dongs to the budget, contributing to improving income and stabilizing the life of company employees.

The development of the organization is always focused on and prioritized by the Board of Directors to serve as the basis and motivation for the overall development of the party cell of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company.

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