10 A.M on July 15th, 2020. Project Management Unit 7 under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has just opened Package XL.03A Construction of bored piles and main spans of stay cable from T14 to T17 (including regulation to ensure safety of waterway traffic during construction). This is one of the major construction and installation packages of the My Thuan 2 Bridge Construction Investment Component Project and the bridge leading road under the Construction Project of some expressway sections on the North – South East route. 

According to the contractor selection plan approved and adjusted by the Ministry of Transport, the project has 18 bidding packages, including 7 consulting packages, 5 non-consulting service packages (insurance), and 6 construction and installation packages. 

According to the original plan, Package XL.03 Construction of main bridge and riverbank reinforcement (including traffic safety regulation) is the largest and most complicated package of the project. Organizing contractor selection in the second quarter of 2020 with package prices up to 1,822.6 billion VND.



However, in order to speed up the implementation progress and ensure the quality in the verification work, the Project Management Board 7 has proposed to the Ministry of Transport to consider and approve the separation of Package XL.03 into 2 packages.

Specifically, Package XL.03A Construction of bored piles and base of main spans of stay cable from T14 to T17 pillar (including regulation to ensure safety of navigation during construction) has a bid price. approval is 573,814 billion. Expected selection of contractor in the third quarter of 2020.

Package XL.03B Construction of the pier body (from T14 to T17 pillar) and the bridge over the main span of the stay cable; river bank reinforcement embankments; road traffic safety system; Lighting system (including regulating to ensure safety of waterway traffic during construction) is priced at 1,321,324 billion VND.

According to the Bid Opening Minutes of the Bidding Package XL.03A, by the time of bid closing, there were 3 bidders who submitted their bids in accordance with regulations, including: FAT GROUP JSC; Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 18 (Licogi 18) – Bridge 12 Joint Stock Company – Bridge 14 Joint Stock Company and VNCN Construction and Engineering Investment Joint Stock Company E&C Joint Venture – Public Construction Corporation Traffic Program 1 – Trung Nam Construction and Machinery Erection Joint Stock Company E&C.

After approving the record of bid opening, the bid solicitor has sealed the financial proposal according to regulations. 

With the advantage of being a capable construction contractor in Southeast Asia’s number one machinery and technology, DUAFAT Group is confident to win the package, proving its capacity to be one of the leading corporations in building and developing the number one infrastructure in Vietnam.


Reporter of DUAFAT’s PR team.






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