One of a kind from heavy machinery designer Liebherr is model HS855. Equipped with a lifting hoist up to 20 tons, carrying a standard counterweight, main boom 32m (boom head 1 x 5.5m 1 x 5.5m boom 1 x 3m inserting boom 3 x 6m) single towing block, auxiliary hook block and an additional hydraulic pump for grabbing. This is definitely a must-have for medium to high workload works with high lift capacity.


Made in Germany

Manufacturer by Liebherr 

Model : HS-855

Model year: 2009

Assemble in Australia

Basic specs about HS855



Thông số kĩ thuật cơ bản:

 Serial: LIEBHERR HS 855 Rotation speed (r / m)4.6
 Model year: 2009 Travel speed of crane (km / h)1.34
 Design payload / working max (ton): 22.1/22.1 Actual / design reach (m) (m):30/30
 Main / auxiliary hook lift speed (m / ph) (m/ph): 0/101 Actual / design maximum reach / design tonnage (ton)):4.7/4.7
Usage for: Lifting transmission
Lifting reading : 30m
Maximum load: 100 tấn
Needed length: 32m

Field photos of Liebherr HS 855:

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