From Italy, the Soilmec SR-80 / C bored pile drilling machine is designed with a high automatic sequence, easy to transport and is completed to give the best drilling solution. The pile is deep and stable in terrestrial or underwater environments. Suitable for projects requiring high complexity and multi-purpose.

Manufacturer : SOILMEC SR-80C

Made in Italy

Model : SR-80A

Year of manufacture : 2009

Soilmec SR-80 bored pile drilling machine is specially designed with the following features

 – LDP bored pile drilling with cover is driven directly by rotary drill or optional by an oscillator provided by the unit itself dynamic transmission.

 – The SR-80C has a CAT screen control system with motor and advanced hydraulic system.

 – Bored pile wall pipe with wall pipe guide directly through drilling or choose to install the line with self-vibrating force.

Basic specifications of machine

Thông số chính/Main performances
Max pile diameter Đường kính cọc lớn nhất mm 2500
Max cased diameter Đường kính cọc có ống vách lớn nhất mm 2000
Max pile depth Chiều xâu khoan lớn nhất m 77
Max torque Momen xoắn lớn nhất kNm 292
Max drilling speed Tốc độ khoan lớn nhất rpm 27
Spin off speed Tốc độ xoay rpm 150
Main winch line pull Tốc độ tời chính kN 260
Auxiliary winch line pull Tốc độ tời phụ kN 157
Engine Động cơ Loại/type CAT C13 Tier 3
Power Công suất kW 328 @ 1800 rpm
Crowd system Công suất cần kN 200 / 280
Crowd stroke Chiều dài cần mm 13000
Main twin pumps Hai bơm chính l/min 2×360
Operating weight Tải trọng hoạt động tons 58


Field photos of the Soilmec SR80-C bored pile drilling machine:


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