March 15th is a special day for the extended family of Đua Fat Group as all colleagues gather to extend their best wishes to Chairman of the Board Le Duy Hung – the one who laid the foundation and steered the Đua Fat ship for over 15 years.

As the heart of Đua Fat Group, the eldest brother has guided Đua Fat into the vast sea. Chairman Le Duy Hung has devoted all his passion and tireless effort, contributing his intellect for the development of the corporation. From humble beginnings with numerous challenges and trials, Đua Fat has now become a leading unit in the field of foundation construction in Vietnam, significantly contributing to the success of key projects and earning the trust of partners and customers.

In a warm and affectionate atmosphere, the Đua Fat team has conveyed meaningful wishes and presented vibrant bouquets to celebrate Chairman Le Duy Hung’s birthday. We wish the Chairman good health and continued leadership to firmly guide Đua Fat Group towards a path of robust development, achieving even greater success in the future.


Let’s cherish the memorable moments of the warm celebration and raise a toast to Chairman Le Duy Hung’s birthday!

Ban truyền thông!

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