Manufacturer : Hitachi Sumitomo

Model : CX500

Year of manufacture : 2006

Country of manufacture: Japan

As a multinational company in Japan, Hitachi is famous for possessing many of the world’s leading technology and machinery equipment, especially those specialized in the field of construction. The CX500 crawler crane that Duafat owns is also one of them. With the advantages of compact design, powerful engine system with advanced ability, CX500 has durable endurance, in accordance with the strict requirements of the vast majority of construction works today.

The main need of the CX500 possesses a lifting capacity of up to 50m, a maximum lifting capacity of 52m and a lifting speed of 100m/min. Thanks to such lifting ability, Hitachi CX500 is currently the perfect construction equipment that any unit wants to own.

With an age of less than 15 years, the Model CX500 is still a reliable device for employees and engineers of Duafat Group on construction sites today.

CX500 on civil construction site in Netherlands


   Main Specs

Capacity Weight49500 kg

Main Size


3300 mm


3200 mm

Rotation Process

Rotation Speed

4 Vòng/phút

Rotation torque


Moving Kit


1.7 km/h

The ability to climb steeply

22 Độ

Pressure on the ground

0.64 kN/m2

Chain Length

5550 mm

Chain Width

3300 mm

Chain Hooves

760 mm



10000 mm

Max Length

52000 mm

Max Optional Winch

6000 mm

Main Hook

Lift Speed

100 m/phút

Lift Capacity

50 Tấn

Optional Hool

Lift Speed

100 m/phút

Lift Capacity

45 Tấn


Photos of HITACHI CX500: 

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