Manufacturer: Hitachi Sumitomo

Model : SCX-700 

Years of Production: 2006 

Country of Production: Japan 

With works requiring a durable but still flexible machine that can operate in different working environments, Hitachi SCX700 is one of the options that can meet these conditions. With a pulling volume of approximately 16.5 tons, the SCX 700 from the land of the Rising Sun is one of the “trump cards” of Fat Racing on difficult scale projects such as residential areas or inner-city apartment buildings.

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX700 always comes with basic functions that can be easily handled, a great advantage for even the most difficult buildings that come with excellent job mobility thanks to technological advances from the land of the Rising Sun – Japan. The operation of the crane is processed with the speed sensor system. The trace beam is recessable and the wire joint orientation is adopted for easy disassembly and reassembling. Hitachi Sumitomo SCX700 Crawler Crane comes with ergy levers, round lever stand, easy-to-read control panel and multiple locking mechanisms.

Basic Specs:

– Max x Working range load volume (t x m) : 70 x 3.7 

– Basic crane length: 9m 

– Max crane length: 54m 

– Max pulling volume: 15.6t 

– Max line load volume: 6.5t 

– Transfer speed: Spindle (m/min) * 110/74/37 

Crane (m/min) : *60 

Rotation speed: 30/30rpm 

Movement speed: 1.5 km/h 

Engine: Isuzu 4HK1X 

Operating volume: 64.9t 

Some field photos of Hitachi SCX-700:


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