On the morning of February 15th (the 6th day of Tet, Year of the Wood Tiger 2024), the leadership and the entire staff of Duafat Group Joint Stock Company organized a Tet celebration in an atmosphere filled with excitement and joy for the early days of the new year. 

The year 2023 was recognized as a challenging and turbulent year for the global economy, facing a series of challenges. However, with the unity and determination of the Duafat team, they firmly faced the challenges of the times, making strides in becoming a leading unit in the field of foundation construction, ports, and offshore wind power in Vietnam and the region.

Acknowledging the efforts of the Duafat Group staff, Chairman of the Board Le Duy Hung expressed deep gratitude and New Year wishes for peace and prosperity to all officers, employees, and their families.

Recognizing that 2024 will continue to be a year of complex economic developments with potential new issues, Mr. Hung expressed the desire to continue receiving the wholehearted support and solidarity of the Duafat team. Additionally, the company’s leadership outlined new directions in the Year of the Wood Tiger: simultaneous development in foundation construction and a focus on key sectors such as basic construction, seaports, and transportation.

In the festive atmosphere of the early days of the year and the beautiful traditions of the Vietnamese people, the leadership representatives presented lucky red envelopes and good wishes to all the staff of Duafat Group Joint Stock Company.

The popping sound of champagne, applause, and laughter created a festive atmosphere at the beginning of the new year that spread throughout the company. Alongside the red lucky envelopes given out on the first day of the year, everyone exchanged wishes for good health, happiness, and the excellent completion of plans, marking the start of a new year with new momentum and success.

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