True to its name, a multi-purpose vessel can undertake various roles and plays a significant role in economic and social development. In particular, these massive sea devices have the potential to bring benefits to nations and communities in utilizing and protecting marine resources, promoting international trade, and supporting scientific research activities.

One of the most important roles of multi-purpose vessels is the utilization and protection of marine resources. The ocean provides valuable resources such as geographical advantages, oil, gas, minerals, fish, and wind energy. Multi-purpose vessels are used to efficiently exploit these resources and protect the marine environment, ensuring the sustainability of resource and ecosystem of the sea.

In addition, multipurpose vessels also play an important role in promoting international trade. Maritime routes connect countries and serve as major channels of commerce. Multipurpose vessels are used in cargo transportation, import and export activities, and trade between ports. They help improve transportation efficiency, reduce time and costs, and ensure the safety of goods and people at sea.

The “weapons” of construction units are widely applied in construction work and direct pile driving on rivers and seas with high stability, significantly reducing construction time.

Multipurpose vessels are also a specialized type of equipment that the Dua Fat Corporation invests in for its large-scale ocean conquering plans.

With a weight of up to 1200 tons and the ability to perform construction work: pile driving and drilling from D600 to D1500 (with depths of up to 65 meters), it is considered a specialized device used for direct pile driving and construction on rivers and seas.

On another aspect, multi-purpose ships play an important role in supporting scientific research activities. These ships are equipped with advanced devices and technologies such as positioning systems, sensors, and mobile laboratories to assist researchers in exploring and understanding marine ecosystems, climate change, and other natural phenomena.

Therefore, the role of multi-purpose ships can be seen as extremely crucial in the development of the economy and society, especially in the field of transportation and construction along rivers or in areas with weak geographical conditions along the coast. At the same time, multi-purpose ships also play a significant role in maintaining maritime security, providing emergency relief, and mitigating the consequences of maritime accidents.

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