Product Name: BG36 Stuffed Pile Drill 

Manufacturer: BAUER 

Model: BG36 

Year of Production: 2010 

Country of Production: Germany 

“100 years of drilling 

4 decades of building great machines 

Always digging deep into the Earth” 

Thousands of Bauer machines have been assembled and erected. BG 36 is one of the most reliable “tin soldiers” for the most complex construction options. With a huge hydraulic operating drilling system up to 127 tons. Bauer BG 36 has been the first choice for the works that Duafat is underway.


Accordingly, the Bauer BG-36 drilling machine is suitable for the following working conditions: 

  • Drilling piles with casing wall tubes for Bauer BG-36 drills (Installation of casing by Cow’s Head or optionally mounted by hydraulic shakers – both of which extract the drilling machine’ force 
  • Drill piles without casing wall tubes are steadily entforesed with drilling fluids • Drill piles with chicken gut drills ( CFA systems) – with or without additional connectors needed by Bauer drillers 
  • Special drilling systems such as FOW piles, 2-head drill system (CFA chicken gut drilling system), reinforced piles, soil mixing wall system (SMW).


Basic specifications:

Standard equipment of Bauer BG36 stuffed pile drilling machine: 

KDK 367 S (single drive gear)

  • Main maniture with hydraulic cable tension operation mode 
  • Main and side bethleut with special doughnut 
  • Lift limit switch located on main and side manitures 
  • Cable-resistant mouse for main manipad 
  • Fast or slow mode for bull’s head presses 
  • Pressed sheet system : Extra 2m extended body 
  • Pulleys for main and side bethered cables 
  • Racks for the upper and lower body of the mast 

Some field images of Bauer BG 36:


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