Project name: Ca Na General Seaport – Ninh Thuan 

Location: Ca Na Commune, Thuan Nam District, Ninh Thuan Province 

Scale: 17 berths to receive general cargo, container cargo, bulk cargo 

Area: 108ha 

Investor: Trungnam Group 

On April 7, 2022, the first cargo ship successfully docked at wharf 1A, Ca Na Seaport (Ninh Thuan), outlining a favorable start in the project operation. Moreover, the event also creates a new era when Ca Na General Seaport will be a transshipment place for the South Central region productions to the entire ASEAN region. 

Overview of Ca Na general seaport project

The project also plays an important role when creating a logistics-industry-mineral-energy urban area with a scale of up to tens of billions of USD in Ca Na. Being a deep-water port project with supportive terrain, Ca Na Seaport also promotes the process of optimizing potentials and advantages. Besides, it is a significant driving force for Ninh Thuan to make a breakthrough in the upcoming time.

Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Ninh Thuan Provincial Party Committee (blue shirt) and Mr. Tran Quoc Nam – Chairman of Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee (far right) at the groundbreaking ceremony of the project.  Photo: Trung Nam

With a scale of up to 17 wharves, a total investment of 6,500 billion VND, including all planning items including wharves, rafts, yards, warehouses, auxiliary works, services, technical infrastructure focal points, traffic, and trees…, the project will help the process of handling goods in the port quickly and conveniently. In particular, it contributes to supporting the transportation of equipment for renewable energy projects, such as wind power and solar power being developed in Ninh Thuan province.

To have initial success and a smooth project during the construction as well as completing phase 1, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of Dua Fat when successfully finishing the role of The contractor handles the foundation of the entire port project.

Dua Fat has mobilized market-leading modern equipment to prepare for the groundbreaking ceremony of the project

Specifically, Dua Fat is honored to be the selected unit to undertake the dredging, leveling, and foundation treatment package of the entire Port project. The Company’s Board of Directors has directly navigated the determination to complete the package ahead of schedule, officially making an era in renewable energy in wind power and offshore power field.

With a team of experienced experts in many core projects and a market-leading modern equipment system, Dua Fat is confident in each stage of project implementation. In particular, at the time of construction, Dua Fat received the attention of a large number of experts when it was successfully implemented and exceeded the progress at the Hoa Phat Dung Quat deep-water port and factory complex.

After conducting the field, considering that this is a difficult project with complex geology, the team of engineers at Dua Fat has focused all their efforts, researched and found the most optimal construction options to ensure convenient, safe, time-saving and cost-effective construction. A series of the most modern machines in Vietnam have been mobilized by Dua Fat to Ca Na, Ninh Thuan.

In addition to drills, crawler cranes, and excavators for drilling and dredging, Dua Fat has organized more jack-up systems and large-capacity boats. The purpose is to ensure the construction progress as well as the quality of the work, especially the safety of the team of experts, engineers and construction workers.

Completing the dredging and leveling stage, high-quality materials are moved to each location due to the design scheme and processed the foundation of the entire Port. This is an important and decisive stage for the quality of the Port. Because the foundation is good, and if it is stable, the factories and stations above can operate smoothly and operate effectively.

The efforts of The Dua Fat staff have been rewarded when keeping the package beyond schedule, meeting the standards and receiving high appreciation from the investor Trung Nam group. This stepping stone is also the foster for the project to reach the finish line soon and be ready as a modern, large-capacity deep-sea port serving the needs of the whole ASEAN region.

Let’s look back at the creative labor images of The Dua Fat staff at Ca Na – Ninh Thuan General Seaport project:

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