In recent years, Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company has had a strategic cooperation system with many leading industrial production groups worldwide to maintain its leading position in Vietnam. Especially, Dua Fat is also the only unit to sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) – the top 1 construction machine brand in China, and the top 6 in the world. The company directly imported and brought to Vietnam a series of modern equipment and technology such as XR280D bored pile drilling machine, DTH drilling technology, XR400D (preparing to be brought to Vietnam).

In order to come to a common agreement on a long-term and sustainable cooperation relationship, on the afternoon of September 22, 2022, the XCMG delegation officially visited and discussed orientations and strategies during their time at Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of the Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company, Ms. Zhao Jingbo, Mr. Zhang Ji Guang – Head of the XCMG China delegation and many representatives from XCMG’s departments in Vietnam and China.

Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company (white shirt)

Ms. Zhao Jingbo and Mr. Zhang Ji Guang, representatives of XCMG delegation visited Vietnam

On behalf of Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company, Chairman Le Duy Hung shared about the great achievements that Dua Fat has reached throughout 15 years. With the capacity of human resources and modern equipment systems, Dua Fat is proud to be the leader in the foundation and construction of seaports. The company can take on complex and significant projects that other units cannot.

Discussing the orientation of Dua Fat in cooperation with XCMG, Mr. Hung said that with the capacity of construction on the sea and islands, investment in the wind power sector will need foundation construction solutions with increasingly modern technical requirements. Therefore, Dua Fat hopes to receive technology and machine support from XCMG to own the most superior products, affirming its leading position in the market.

In particular, Chairman Le Duy Hung also expressed his desire to receive support from XCMG in terms of human factors through cooperation in training personnel for Dua Fat.

On the XCMG side, Ms. Zhao Jingbo, head of the delegation, said she was extremely impressed with the growth and achievements that Dua Fat has achieved. The Dua Fat development has been in common with XCMG. Therefore, this will definitely be a long-term relationship that the Chinese company will prioritize supporting and offering the best cooperation policies.

Mr. Zhang Ji Guang also pledged to regularly update the latest machinery and technology for Dua Fat and welcomed the policy of cooperation in training programs proposed by Chairman Le Duy Hung. Mr. Guang also extended a respectful invitation to the Board of Directors of Dua Fat to visit the largest complex in the world that XCMG runs in China.

The meeting ended in a joyful atmosphere, opening up new opportunities for the strategic and long-term cooperation between Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group. The visit and cooperation between 2 leading units in Vietnam and China once again affirmed the position and growth of Dua Fat in Vietnam.

This will also be an important stepping stone to promote the relationship to a new level, and accelerate the transfer of modern equipment so that Dua Fat continues to lead in the trend of machinery and technology in Vietnam.

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