On the morning of August 11th, Duafat Group Joint Stock Company officially commenced the construction of the bridge pile in Phase 1 of the Van Ninh Integrated Port Project, marking a new milestone in the process of completing and bringing this port into operation.


The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Board of Directors Le Duy Hung, representing Duafat Corporation and Vanninh International Port Corporation.

The Van Ninh Integrated Seaport officially broke ground in October 2021 with a total area of 82.79 hectares, expected to be completed and put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2024. The total investment for Phase 1 is 2,248 billion VND.

Overview of Vanninh Comprehensive Seaport Project

The project includes various components: a main bridge dock with a length of 500 meters, capable of simultaneously accommodating 2 vessels with a cargo capacity of 20,000 DWT or 3 vessels with a cargo capacity of 10,000 DWT and mooring for barges at the rear; a 180-meter inner wharf adjacent to the shore; 3 access bridges, CFS warehouses, port operations buildings, etc. The warehouse area is invested in a comprehensive and modern manner to best meet the requirements for general cargo and container handling.

In Phase 1 of the project, 2 docks for 20,000 DWT vessels will be constructed, with a dock line length of 500 meters. Dredging of the water area in front of the dock, investment in port equipment, and technical infrastructure for the port services on an area of approximately 25 hectares and a 4-kilometer connecting road to the port will also be carried out.

After the signing ceremony, Duafat Group will focus on drilling and installing PHC D800 and SPP D600 piles for the port bridge, including: bridge PĐ1, PĐ2; lead bridge PĐ1, PĐ2; bridge piers 1 and 2 in the following order:

  1. Testing piles (including: 11 PHC D800 drilled piles and 3 SPP D600 driven piles) and PDA testing.
  2. Main pile construction, including 225 PHC D800 drilled piles and 65 SPP D600 driven piles.

The design of SPP piles for the project is inclined piles with a ratio of 1:6, which are driven into the hardened rock layer. Leveraging their experience and equipment capabilities, Duafat has proposed and committed to the investor to carry out inclined drilling within the SPP piles to guide the pile driving work in line with the project’s requirements, thus laying the foundation for the Van Ninh Integrated Seaport.

Duafat mobilized a modern jack-up system to effectively overcome rough seas and tides.

The Van Ninh Integrated Seaport Project is a typical project in Quang Ninh province and serves as the starting point for realizing the policy of attracting non-budgetary funds for investment in seaport infrastructure in the province. It is also one of the top 17 seaports in the country and plays a crucial role in the key economic region in the North. Once completed, the Van Ninh Integrated Port will establish a transportation network connecting Mong Cai to major seaports nationwide and in the region, opening up opportunities to create the longest sea transportation route ever from Mong Cai to Ca Mau.

In particular, the operation of the Van Ninh Integrated Seaport Project will contribute to comprehensive investment in infrastructure and port services, focusing on professionalism and modernization, promoting logistics, import-export, international trade activities, especially the maritime trade between the ASEAN region and Northeast Asia.


As an experienced entity in infrastructure construction, especially in building seaports, Duafat Group has successfully completed numerous national-scale projects, including the Cà Ná Integrated Seaport (Ninh Thuận), Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex (Quang Ngai), Duafat Kim Son Multi-Service Port (Ninh Binh), among many other highly complex projects that require advanced construction techniques and synchronization, particularly in the challenging geological conditions and rough seas along Vietnam’s coastline.

With the expertise and dedication of its skilled engineers and a state-of-the-art equipment system, Duafat Group will spare no effort, concentrating all available resources to ensure the timely completion of Phase 1 of the Van Ninh Integrated Seaport Project, laying the foundation for success in the subsequent phases of the project and contributing to the economic efficiency and sustainable development of the region and the country as a whole.


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