The rainy season is typically not recommended for construction to ensure the best quality for projects. However, in coastal areas, dealing with frequent storms requires contractors to always be ready with contingency plans to ensure on-time construction.

In addition, constructing projects at sea during the rainy season demands meticulous preparation and special attention to the safety of workers. Here are some crucial solutions to ensure safety in this harsh environment.

Utilize Modern Machinery and Equipment With advancements in science and technology, the construction industry has witnessed the development of various machinery and equipment. Specifically, in offshore construction, the introduction of platforms, floating rigs, and jack-up rigs has met the demands of construction in challenging conditions.

Hệ thống Jack-up dẫn đầu thị trường

In Vietnam, Đua Fat takes pride in its practical experience and a series of successful offshore projects under the influence of storms. Besides extensive geological and climate research to determine suitable construction methods, Đua Fat consistently employs high-quality equipment to ensure safety and project integrity in the face of natural disasters.

At offshore construction sites, Đua Fat’s construction capabilities prove their leadership by withstanding the fiercest of storms. While larger vessels and thousands of tons of equipment seek shelter during storms, Đua Fat’s jack-up rigs remain steadfast, defying the forces of nature.

Thiết bị Đua Fat kiên cường trong siêu bão Noru (2022)

Monitor Weather Forecasts and Develop Specific Plans for Each Component to Deal with Disasters Carefully and continuously monitor weather forecasts to know when storms may approach. Construction teams should have ready plans to move away from the sea when necessary. Responsibilities should be assigned as follows:

Technical Directors: Prepare and approve technological measures, allocate manpower for rapid installation and temporary repairs for living and production.

Engineers: Compile and draft construction measures, provide guidance, organize and coordinate.

Construction Teams: In charge of building and implementing safety and quality-assured measures using technology.

Inventory Department: Plan material procurement, supply necessary machinery on time to meet the construction schedule.

Đảm bảo an toàn thi công là điều kiện quan trọng nhất đối với các công trình, đặc biệt trong mùa mưa bão

Regularly Inspect and Maintain Equipment, Protect Materials during Rainy Season Ensure that all equipment and vessels at sea are regularly inspected and maintained. This includes ships, lifting equipment, cables, and anchor points.

Furthermore, construction materials are often most vulnerable during the rainy season. Therefore, contractors must take meticulous measures to protect materials to maintain their quality.

Train Employees, Conduct Safety Drills, and Develop Evacuation Plans Ensure that all employees receive training in offshore safety and know how to respond to emergency situations. They should be familiar with using safety equipment such as life jackets, helmets, and safety harnesses.


Additionally, organize training sessions and drills to familiarize workers with emergency scenarios and test safety plans. In the event of a storm, have a safe evacuation plan in place to ensure the safety of human lives and property.

Maintain Regular Communication with Relevant Authorities Maintain regular communication with relevant authorities such as the Fisheries Department, Customs Department, and the Meteorological and Hydrological Forecast Center to stay updated on sea and weather conditions.

Safety at sea during the rainy season is a top priority and requires careful attention and preparation from all parties involved in a project.


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