The intensive training and recruiting high quality employees in the construction industry is the main content of the talk show or meeting between Dua Fat Foundation Joint Stock Company and the Board of Presidents of University of Transport Technology which took place in the morning of February 22nd, 2019. It is known that is the first step to reach a cooperation agreement between them in the near future. 

The talk between the Management Board of Dua Fat Foundation Joint Stock Company and Board of Presidents of University of Transport Technology.

President Le Duy Hung leads the delegation of the Dua Fat

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Van Dong – President of the university at the meeting

Facing with the common situation that students lack of limited social knowledge and even clear career orientation after graduation, almost universities, including University of Transport Technology, have taken different steps from long-term traditional education thinking. The University of Transport Technology is the leading in reorienting the training, incorporating technology with specialized theory education. The Board of Presidents with an open mindset, closely cooperate between enterprises and the university to bring students approach to the practical application, it is no longer the knowledge in books or lectures. The theory/practice ratio is 60/40 becoming more balance. By doing so, it is obvious that learning with practice will bring much more positive results, students will not be overwhelmed when they access the enterprises.

Dr. Quang Anh – Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Construction Machine shares orientation and strengths of his faculty with Dua Fat.

With the special characteristics of the basic construction industry with the main service of bored pile and foundation treatment, Dua Fat always shows high demand for engineers and construction experts. More than a decade in the industry, Dua Fat has risen to the top of foundation construction field in Southeast Asia, especially in technology and machinery. The last 5-year period is the rapid growth phase of Dua Fat with the rapid rising in machinery capacity each year. In order to maintain and promote that strong base, it is impossible to invest in human resources for operation and development of high-tech applications into the real works. More than anyone else, President Le Duy Hung absolutely understands this fact. According to him, the mission of developing human resources in this industry is not only important to Dua Fat but also has a great impact on the human resource of the construction industry as well as economic development in general.

The sub-divisions, which Dua Fat concerns, are also the highly regarded of faculties of the university such as construction mechanical engineering, bridge and road construction. Both faculties account for a large number of 13,000 students in total studying at the 3 facilities of the university.

The Board of Presidents has highly appreciation the enthusiasm as well as the vision of Dua Fat, especially with the technology and equipment capabilities, which are almost not available in the “textbooks”. Dua Fat has many factors in accordance with the university’s development orientation as well as specialized training faculties. To share the cooperation model, Vice President Nguyen Hoang Long suggested few items as follow:

  • The university is willing to invite engineers and experts of the Dua Fat to join the board which guides graduation topics for students, hence, enterprises can proactively bring their practical problems to students. Orientation and evaluation students will be suitable for Dua Fat’s recruitment criteria, consequently, they can continue to devote to the business.
  • Regularly organize training courses, advanced workshops, and practices on the construction site, at the manufacture of Dua Fat. Approaching and researching modern equipment and machinery with the guidance of domestic and foreign experts currently working for Dua Fat.
  • Moreover, the Board of President of the university also offered to be ready for admission of a special class of talented students following to Dua Fat standards to select the best individuals immediately after graduation. With intensive training programs, the students are supply knowledge about not only the construction but also the enterprise culture in the curriculum.

Vice President Nguyen Hoang Long proposes cooperation plan.

After the meeting, Dua Fat had a meeting with students in faculties of Construction Mechanical Engineering, Bridge and Road Construction at the auditorium of the University of Transport Technology.

President Le Duy Hung is very close and sincere to share his start-up stories, valuable experiences, and lessons with final year students. The talk are distilled from his own experiences, no books or theory are available.

President Le Duy Hung is intimate and close at the meeting.

The students are excited and enthusiastic to ask the President Le Duy Hung about the practical aspects that are concerned such as: How to assess businesses that are suitable for themselves, corporate culture and recruitment criteria of Dua Fat, foreign language and professional standards to be achieved when working with the projects that Dua Fat is implementing… These questions are answered briefly and fully by President Le Duy Hung. His answers contain a lot of messages for young people who are about to step into the new threshold of life. Looking at the attentive, focused eyes of future engineers will see how their expectations of development orientation in the near future. The President also introduced about enterprise structure, training orientation and remuneration provisions for talent, 4.0 technology application and other advanced models that help engineers and employees can optimize work. This is also the best starting point that students desire to be equipped when they graduate.

Students was listening intently to President Le Duy Hung

Dua Fat’s start-up story from empty hands with lots of lessons that cost dearly

The students excitedly and enthusiastically asked the Dua Fat’s President about the practical aspects of interest.

At the end of the meeting, the students and the Management Board of Dua Fat had a commemorative picture. In the minds of engineers, there is hope and career opportunity for the very near future.

– According to Dua Fat’s reporter –

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