Origin: Germany – Switzerland

Manufacturing Year: 2011

Fabrication: Liebherr Group

Model: LB28/320

One of the typical rigs in multi-tasking drilling comes from heavy machinery designer Liebherr. The model has been widely used in 60 different countries around the world as well as being the spearhead device that DUAFAT Group has trusted in its works.

Liebherr LB28 is one of the most popular specialized drilling equipment systems in the world. With durability, reasonable cost and relatively easy operation under different operating environment conditions.


Main basic diameters 

Operating weight218.919 lbs
Max. Torque236,019 lbf-ft
Maximum push/pull force89,923 lbf
Engine Operate390kW
Max Drilling229.7 ft
Max Drilling Diameters8.2 ft
Engine TypeDiesel
Drill TechniqueKhoan xoay
Drilling diameter achieved600 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 2,300 mm (24 in)
Drilling Depth17.3 m/s², 25.8 m/s², 70 m/s² (56.8 ft/s²)
Max Kelly Drilling Depth70m
Max Kelly drilling diameters2,300mm
Max Main winch480kN
Max rotary line in optional winch300kNm
Max removeable drilling25.8m
Max removeable drilling diameter600mm

Liebherr LB28 is designed simply as a rotating rig. All conventional drilling methods can be done with LB28, such as: Kelly drilling, continuous aircraft drilling, drilling with partial or total displacement instruments, double rotation drilling and soil mixing. In addition, the LB 28-320 has a powerful lead that can easily handle high torque and large traction of the wiring system.

This is to ensure a very fast operating cycle. Under conditions of a construction site of limited elevation, such as under bridges or below power lines, the rig can be equipped with a shortened ‘low end’ head.

Some of the images come from the field construction site of Duafat Group with Liebherr LB28:

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