The Liebherr LB36 bored pile drilling machine is widely used in foundation construction at irrigation works, airports, and ports because it meets the capacity requirements and is suitable in areas with soft ground.

Technical information

Operating weight: 155 tons

Torque: 410 km

Drill Kelly, maximum drilling depth: 88 m

Kelly drill, maximum drill diameter: 3,000 mm

Producer: The Liebherr Group – Austria

Model: LB36

Year of manufacture: 2015

For the field of construction at weak ground terrain, modern equipment and machinery play a decisive role in the success of each project. Currently, on the market, there is a wide range of functional machines that have been researched and manufactured by equipment companies around the world. In particular, bored pile drilling machine is one of the indispensable equipments. 

Commonly used in construction and foundation treatment of soft ground, popularly used in the construction of irrigation, airports, traffic, harbors… Liebherr LB36 bored pile drilling machine is likened to The “warrior’’ that units/companies specializing in foundation construction must have.

Having the same structure and function as other bored pile drilling machines, Liebherr LB36 is modernized to create bored piles and then pour concrete. This is one of the indispensable machines in foundation construction work. Especially where the ground is weak, it helps to improve quality, reduce time and save costs.

The equipment consists of 2 main parts: the crane system and the drill head. Specifically, the crane system is made of stainless steel and is caged by a steel segment. When drilling, the bored pile drill head is the part in direct contact with the ground surface to create the borehole. The machine is capable of construction on many complex terrains and soils, even hard rock layers that the piling machine cannot reach.

Moreover, the machine works smoothly and quietly and is safe for workers. The rare disadvantage can be mentioned that the machine requires the operator to be qualified, well-trained, and knowledgeable about the structure and operating principle of the machine. Besides, the operation of Liebherr LB36 also depends a lot on weather factors. The equipment is considered to become difficult to construct when it rains.

In Vietnam, Dua Fat Group Joint Stock Company is one of the owners of Liebherr LB36 equipment with experienced and professionally trained engineers that can control proficiently many different types of machines in an efficient manner. With versatility, it can be built in areas with soft ground and maximum capacity torque up to 410 kNm. Liebherr LB36 has been and will make an important contribution to the construction of important projects, contributing to Dua Fat’s ability and creditability of construction.

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