In the morning of February 17, 2021, on the 6th day of the Year of the Ox, the Board of Directors and all employees of Duafat Group Joint Stock Company had a cozy spring meeting in the central meeting hall. In the context of the country welcoming a “special” spring due to the complicated spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spring meeting took place quickly but condensed and meaningful.

As usual at the beginning of the year, Chairman Le Duy Hung shared a summary of the old year and the general strategy for the new year to the group’s employees. According to him, “2021 will continue to be a difficult year for Vietnamese businesses due to the complicated epidemic situation and Duafat Group will not be an exception when facing many difficulties. 2020 has been the hinge year of Duafat with many new decisions and leaps and bounds in both the corporate form and the total workload, thereby achieving some positive results, especially on the front of wind power construction and expanding the capacity of the wharf construction. This is also for 2021 to develop more, more stable and more success.”

Chairman Le Duy Hung also sent his deep gratitude to the staff and engineers of Duafat Group who have devoted themselves to the past year, to bring proud achievements today and be the basis for the success that he believes in the future will reap. The core values of solidarity, the spirit of prayer, learning from each other is the true value that Duafat Group creates, inherits and promotes more and more strongly.

The lucky circle ritual at the beginning of the year of the Group’s Board of Directors has become a tradition, creating excitement – a joyful and comfortable atmosphere to recharge positively together, together bringing the Duafat ship forward. Ending the spring party with gentle Champagne glasses, Duafat Group sends a message of happy Lunar New Year and all peace to customers, partners and investors for a year of the Ox abundant health, luck and success.

Let’s look back at the meaningful images that the reporter recorded:

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