Corporate Culture is considered an important factor and an invisible asset contributing to the strength of the Company. Along with striving to fulfill the tasks in the annual work, Duafat Group always focuses on promoting the construction of corporate culture in the company. In particular, the organization of cultural activities of physical training and sports is an important part of building corporate culture. Meanwhile, Vietnam is one of the most passionate countries in the world with Susu. Football always receives an interest, attracts the most resources and is also the sport with the most professional desire and universality. Especially with the chairman of the board Le Duy Hung – the captain who steered the ship Fat Racing, is also a person with a burning passion for football. He always grieves in his aspiration to inspire future generations, bringing the spirit of sport is also a show for the collective spirit, deep solidarity culture of the business. Since then, with the core of the staff and the brothers who share the same passion for football in particular and sports in general was born, with names such as Van Thinh – Director of Le Gia Company, Trung Hai and Van Quan – Department of Economics – Planning, Cuong “Tall” – Director of Huy Cuong Company ,… and Chairman Le Duy Hung, created the foundation framework for DuaFat FC.

Chairman Le Duy Hung – “the Inspirer” for FC DuaFat players

DuaFat FC Squad

Grasping the psychology of always wanting to have a playground to at the same time healthy entertainment, physical training to create a joyful atmosphere throughout the company as well as help employees regenerate labor to contribute to improving health, Fat Racing Group has had 3 consecutive seasons of organizing internal tournaments (2014-2016). Step by step, Duafat has transformed into a full-22-player football club model that participates in weekly activities, competitions and training on the pitch. The “tournaments” in the movement tournaments at home and abroad are also gradually familiar with the members of DuaFat FC. President Le Duy Hung himself has cherished a healthy, organized playground and above all – affirmed his determination to shape a more professional and professional model for the country’s sports movement. In 2019, Fat Racing Group officially stood up to organize the DuaFat Open Cup tournament, thereby connecting with businesses across the country, contributing to economic development as well as improving spiritual life, creating close relationships between employees and businesses and corporations.

The first season, with the participation of 13 teams divided into 3 groups, devoted 28 exciting matches with full of emotions, the second season continued to see significant progress compared to season 1. Nearly 400 players from 15 teams compete. The 42 matches of the tournament are high quality football matches, gathering the top players of the teams. The matches were played attractively and fiercely from the group stage. The organizers have run the matches in the direction of professionalization, the participating teams have a strong investment in forces, striving for high rankings.

The matches of the tournament took place intriguingly

The players always have the enthusiastic support from the spectators

After the past 2 seasons, Duafat Group has been proving its right step in organizing the 11 near-professional movements, creating a healthy and prestigious playground for the domestic business sector. It can be said that Duafat Open Cup has become a unique and interesting spiritual dish on the corporate playground in particular, and regional sports movement in general, thereby continuing to build the movement of cultural training, arts – physical training, sports to build cultural beauty, working style , friendly and close images of employees at Duafat Group.

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