In order to complement the strategy of building clean energy in Vietnam and to specify the terms of strategic cooperation signed with SANY / TCE Vietnam Group on December 23, 2020, in early June, Duafat Group officially added SCA8000A – the equipment of crawler cranes upgraded to the new system of SANY Group. Thereby expanding and strengthening equipment capacity to meet all construction needs of wind power as well as renewable energy projects in Vietnam.


Year of Production: 7/2020 

Design: SANY Group 

Type: A-Series, Crawler Crane Machine 



Basic Technical Circumference


The rotation mechanism of the main seat W3Drum frame diameters574mm
The rope’s speed at the outer operating layer 63 * 2m / min
The diameter of the rope 28mm
Rope’s length800m
The rotation mechanism of the lifting force W4Drum frame diameters574mm
The rope’s speed at the outer operating layer 0-148m/min
The diameter of the rope28mm
Rope’s length1300m
Rotation mechanism of W5 super liftDrum frame diameters574mm
The rope’s speed at the outer operating layer 0-164m/min
The diameter of the rope28mm
Rope’s length1360m


TypeMaximum weight capacityQuantity Pulley QuantityUnit Weight
180T (2 pulleys )180t13×38.4
150T ( Single pulley )150t154.8
18T Hook ball18t101

The corresponding types of needs, hooks, and payloads 



Cummins ▪ (Euro Tier III), which can optionally Euro Tier IV;  

▪ Power: 447 Kw;   

▪ Speed: 1800 rpm;   

▪ Maximum torque: 2542 N.m;   

▪ At maximum output torque: 1400 rpm.


Load signaling mechanism 

The cruise gearbox is controlled by a modified shift hydraulic motor, used to control the main load transport I and the main load transport II to lift and reduce the load. It provides good performance and ensures the rapid lifting power of the main load.  

▪ Just one main needs to be able to load under 400t, while for loads over 400t, both need to work. Need I and II can both synchronize.  

▪ The maximum number of machine units is 60. The layered coil will ensure the machine does not tangle the wire. The advantage of the gearbox is that it reduces noise, works highly efficiently and is easily accessible to change oil.


Load hooks: 7 types of hooks with a load from 18 tons to 800 tons, suitable for many operating environments 


Load capacity: Length 24m (basic) to 111m (with super lift) 

▪ Layout: main need 10.5m, transition section 12m; 1 1.5m connector; 1 3m connector; 3 connectors 6m and 6 connectors 12 m 

▪ Extension of lifting lift is installed on top of the main need.     


Working capacity 

SCA8000A has a working load of up to 615t, including a superior structure, a lower structure, a main unit and partnership, a central critical, a 24m base, and an 800t hook.     



▪-The SCA8000A’s counterweight consists of barrel-type, rear-facing, ultra-light and specific parameters as follows:



NameQuantityLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)Unit Weight (t)
Body counterweight42.42.850.48410
Body counterweight tray22.975.431.0620
Rear counterweight202.42.850.48410
Rear counterweight tray232.662.415
Superlift counterweight362.42.850.48410
Superlift counterweight tray19.252.51.832
Optional rear counterweight tray13.642.951.746.7

▪ Including load lifting hydraulic system, tourist hydraulic system, rotating hydraulic system, burst traction hydraulic system, servo hydraulic system, back-stop hydraulic system, cooling system, anth aid hydraulic system. The main hydraulic components are the original parts imported;  

▪ Characteristics: Lifting, transmission, explosive and rotating system of closed ring type, with energy saving, high efficiency, fast response, low thermal radiation and long service life;  ▪ The control components are proportional to the current to facilitate the precise and intelligent control;   ▪ back-stop hydraulic system through the balance valve of the external control, mounted on the cylinder to ensure safety;  

▪ Cooling System characterized by high power and faster.


Advantages and applications are mentioned: 

The cabin of the machine has a sliding door structure, suitable for crawler cranes and convenient for operators. The SCA8000A is designed with a fully enclosed steel frame structure, and a large-area tempered glass door installed on the front, sides and top helps to transmit more light, making the cabin’s interior space spacious, bright and with wider views.     The chassis is equipped with independent transmission equipment. 


Planetic gears are controlled by hydraulic transmission engines and independent transmission is carried out through the transmission of steering gears. The moving system has two speeds, which are high speed and low speed: Low speed can provide enough traction to receive 100% movement with load; High speeds can provide higher speeds to improve shipping efficiency.

The chain base is made of materials with high strength and wear resistance through advanced casting. Once installed on the device, its tension can be adjusted through the hydraulic cylinder and the gasket position can be adjusted to achieve ideal tension.    


Hydraulic cylinder steering power connects to the wheel frame, easy to assemble and disassemble. Solid steel welding frame structure is passed. The larger body design significantly improves with the stability of the overall crane. The weight is 80t (40t in front and rear), too.

                                                Engineers are assembling and putting into use SANY SCA8000A on the construction of Central Highlands wind power. 

SANY is one of China’s largest and 5th largest corporations in the world with more than 30 years of experience operating in the field of manufacturing engineering machinery, construction and mining equipment, port machinery, oil drilling machines and renewable wind energy systems. Currently, SANY is one of the main partners distributing machinery and equipment to DUAFAT Group in addition to many big companies and corporations in the world such as Bauer, Liebherr …

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