On the afternoon of December 23th, 2020, the signing ceremony of the contract package of equipment procurement for wind power projects between the partners of Duafat Group, SANY Equipment Co., Ltd. (Vietnam), TCE Company and Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co., Ltd. has taken place extremely well at the meeting room of Duafat Group’s headquarters.

In an age where clean energy has become an increasingly essential source in life. Duafat Group has many years of experience in implementing many projects on the sea river, as well as holding the special technology of the leading foundation in Southeast Asia. This is certainly not possible without the companion and support from suppliers of construction equipment and means of transport.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of Duafat Group Joint Stock Company, Mr. Pham Van Tuan – Director of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Mr. Le Manh Hung – General Director of TCE – authorized agent of SANY and Mr. Zhao Hang Bo – deputy general director of SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Southeast Asia and the board of directors as well as representatives of the parties.

Chairman Le Duy Hung – Duafat Group

In the atmosphere of the end of the year, Mr Le Duy Hung shared with representatives of the parties about the upcoming projects that Duafat Group is and will implement. With the capacity of construction on the island and sea following the strategic floating system that Duafat initiated, the procurement of equipment for wind power projects plays a very special role. He also pointed out that cooperation and support is extremely important. Thereby emphasizing and highlighting value among strategic partners. 

With partners from Hong Ha shipbuilding, Director – Mr. Pham Van Tuan also happily shared about the upcoming directions and plans but also highlighted the advantages in the defense construction on waterways and seaways of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has done. As well as the main reason why Duafat Group is believed to be the experience of “field combat” through many different river and sea projects. Thereby to enhance the ability to coordinate and cooperate in the near future.

Mr. Le Manh Hung – General Director of TCE – authorized agent of SANY in Vietnam shared about the advantages of Vietnam with abundant wind resources but not exploited properly with the ability. He also said that the potential for wind energy development in Vietnam is very large and should be implemented in accordance with the capacity. He said that Duafat Group is the most suitable choice in construction projects with special geographical conditions such as sea islands thanks to experience as well as creative flexibility.

Mr. Zhao Hang Bo – deputy general director of SANY Southeast Asia also affirmed that the signing and cooperation will enhance the cooperation relationship not only marking the strategic strength of internal resources, optimizing human resources, materials and machinery for the parties, but also ready for the construction projects of pioneering clean energy projects in the future, typical wind power projects are and will be implemented.

The signing ceremony marked the comprehensive cooperation between enterprises 

Immediately after the signing ceremony, 3 paintings of the ship sailing offshore in gold, demonstrating that the cooperation with partners will also “Thuan Buom Xuoi Gio” was personally awarded to partners by President Le Duy Hung.

The signing ceremony took place extremely well, creating a great step forward in the relationship between the parties 

The ceremony ended with a toast to success, and Mr. Le Duy Hung clearly stated the roles of strategic partners in upcoming energy projects, especially green energy projects such as wind power projects this time. He also hopes that the signing ceremony will be a transformation as well as a new breeze between cooperation, sharing and cohesion in the future.

Reporter of DUAFAT’s PR team

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