Fat Kim Son Racing Port is a project to construct a multi-functional port complex to serve maintenance, repair, and construction of floating equipment, specialized vessels, as well as cargo handling. It is built on a total area of 172,716.4 square meters. The project includes five port bridges with a designed capacity to handle 3 million tons of cargo per year, transportation services of 1 million tons per year, the construction of 12 new vessels per year, and a repair capacity of 36 vessels per year. The port is capable of accommodating ships with a maximum load of 10,000 tons. The total investment for the project is 450 billion Vietnamese dong, of which 179 billion Vietnamese dong is allocated for Phase 1.

Project perspective

Let’s analyze the advantages and potential of Fat Kim Son Racing Port to understand its vision for economic and social development in the localities of the Fat Group.”

Prime Location

Fat Kim Son Racing Port is located in the planned area of Kim Son coastal economic belt, connecting to the domestic transportation and trade system in the region. Kim Son Port plays a crucial role in the strategy of developing river and sea capabilities as well as contributing to the local economic development.

The prime location of Fat Kim Son Racing Port

The project is approximately 45 km from the center of Ninh Binh city, about 15 km from Phat Diem town, 100 km from Hanoi, and 140 km from Noi Bai International Airport. This location has a highly convenient transportation network, including road and waterway connections to other regions such as National Highway 10 (old and new), National Highway 21B, Provincial Road 481, and various waterways including the Day River, Vac River, Can River, Giang River, Vuc River, Ca Mau River, and Hoanh Truc River.

Once completed, Fat Kim Son Racing Port will enable businesses to proactively maintain and repair floating equipment and specialized vessels. At the same time, it will open up new development directions, continuously add and upgrade floating equipment and specialized vessels to serve the construction of projects on rivers and the continental shelf of Vietnam, ensuring timely progress and quality while reducing costs for the projects.

Enjoying the full potential of economic development

Kim Son is the only coastal area in Ninh Binh province. Currently, in addition to agricultural and cottage industries, the coastal economic area is being invested in and exploited. It has the potential to develop into a region of rich and diverse commodity production. With the natural advantages and potential for aquaculture development, Kim Son also attracts investment in transportation, seaport services, shipbuilding, energy, seafood processing, food technology, and biotechnology serving agriculture and aquaculture.

Commencement ceremony of the project

… transportation and logistics potential

The project is located in the planned area of the Kim Son coastal economic belt, with the construction site of the port in the Kim Tan and Kim Dong communes. This area has convenient transportation, especially the waterway transportation system with two national routes passing through the Day River and the Vac River, as well as other water routes crossing the Can River, the Giang River, the Vuc River, the Ca Mau River, and the Hoanh Truc River.

The Fat Kim Son Port, when invested and built, will play an important role in connecting the domestic transport and trade system in the region. At the same time, it has significant significance in line with the socio-economic development strategy of Kim Son district, as well as Ninh Binh province as a whole, contributing to the completion of the transportation system and facilitating the circulation of domestic and international goods. Furthermore, when the port is put into operation, it will unleash the comprehensive economic strength of the local area and create a breakthrough in coastal economic development, contributing to increasing state budget revenues, creating jobs, raising incomes, improving people’s lives, and effectively implementing social welfare in the locality.

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