In August 17th, Joint Stock Company of Đua Fat welcomed FC Lao Dong Ha Dong in the framework of sports exchanges on Ha Dong Stadium.

FC Lao Tuong Ha Dong – They are strong, many former national players such as Cong Tuyen, Duc Thang, Mr Vuong …

The weather was comfortable for a friendly match, the two teams entered the match with a fairly high pace after the “diplomatic” procedure of giving Dua Fat’s rotating flag.

Still appreciating the FC of your team, Dua Fat has exhausted from the first minutes of the match, a pressing match with the curtain.

With an early goal in the 15′, of the midfielder Trung Hai. Dua Fat had a pretty open ball game with FC Lao Tuong

At 32′,Manh Dong put the score up to 2-0. From the assist on the left, Van Thinh, center back and defender on the side of FC Lao Tuong were quite confused in handling

Coming to the 2nd with realizing that the strength of the team was somewhat worn out, Dua Fat increased and pushed the score to 5-0 by Si Huy and the young striker 17

FC Lao Tuong Ha Dong displayed a experience, persistent age when the game was still distributed at the end of the game. Ending the match with a score of 1-5, FC Dua Fat has certainly learned a lot about learning how to distribute fitness to the players, especially with the competitions in hot and crazy weather like today.