Machine Name: BAUER BG40


Production Year : 2014

Engine Model Line: BS100

With works with moderate construction volume such as projects on high-rise housing, apartments, drilling to strengthen foundations or works on bridges. BAUER BG40 has always been a solution that Duafat group always prioritizes.

The BS100 series of engines (one of the “senior” engines of the BS115 with “huge” stuffing pile drills such as BAUER BG42 or BG46) still shows a durable power, much superior to the models at the same time, BAUER BG40 is still a very good choice for construction corporations around the world. incuding Duafat.


Basic Specs and /w Kelly Drilling Specs

 Operation Height (m) 27,1
Twisted Torque (kW)390
Engine wattage (kNm)433

Actual/nominal force of main winch(kN)

300 / 384
Actual/nominal force of optinal winch (kN)140 / 179
Push/Pull force of press winch (kN)460/460

Winch stroke (m)

pressure cylinder force (kN)
pressure cylinder drag (kN)400
Max Drill Diameter (mm)2800/3000
Max Drill Depth (m) 80,5
EngineUW 130
Length of Chain (mm)6.000
Width of Chain (mm)3.700 – 5000
Width of the sprocket(mm)1000
Operation Capacity (xấp xỉ) (t)142

In which:

The maximum drilling depth of the machine is 80.5m, the maximum drilling diameter is 3000mm with hard rock geology, adding a drilling diameter booster that can be drilled 3300mm.

Comparison of parameters between KDK 390S (left) and KDK 390S BTM 400 (right)

Diameter: 1180mm1180mm
Drilling depth: 16.30m17.90m
External transformation force: 1060kN1060kN

Related vertical movement between rotation directions: 550mm

Operation weight: 159.000kg155.000kg

BAUER BG40 – BS100 stuffing pile drill: Is a type of pile drill that must remove the entire upper part of the BAUER BG40 mast ideal for drilling drill holes with a large diameter or non-casting, drilling up to 200ft deep and withstanding the hardest rock strength.

The machine is also suitable for all specialized equipment such as Tower Crane System (CFA) or OMEGA Displacement Pile mobility systems as well as all sizes of Soil Mixers and Soil Mixers (CSMs).

Some photos of the BAUER BG40:


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