As a business specializing in the field of construction of building foundation, with lightening development speed in the past 10 years, Đua Fat has reached the top of basic construction businesses in Vietnam. This is not only reflected in the huge and classy system of machinery, equipments at continent level but also in the vision of “creating fresh water for fish to swim” strategy, focusing on building the company culture which puts employee at the center and considers the employees’ happiness index as the most important factor.


Referring to the construction business, people usually think of the hard working environment as reinforced concrete. However, at Đua Fat, the Board of Directors is always looking forward to and creating playgrounds filled with laughter, where employees joined together in engaging activities and feel happy as they are family. Because of the deep insight that only when employees feel passionate about their work and work environment, they can dedicate the best and have long-term commitment to the company.

Among thousands of employees, the number of men are more overwhelming than women, which is typical in companies specializing in construction of building foundation. Therefore, the sport movement at the Đua Fat has been invested and developed strongly. As a result, excellent football team was born. The semi-professional football team often participates in the competitions at home and abroad.


However, the position of “the weaker sex”at Đua Fat is never undermined. The events for female employees are always of special concern to company’s leaders. Most recently, on the occasion of celebrating Vietnam National Women’s Day on October 20th and the regular internal affair events, on October 18th and 19th, the Chairman and the Board directed Human Resources and Đua Fat’s Executive Committee of Labour Union to organize team-building activities in conjunction with the Gala Dinner party, which takes place outdoors, has a sizeable and bold investment in Thao Vien Resort. It was warmer when family members of employees took part in the event. Especially all staff members working on the construction sites, including Hoa Phat Steel Plant – Dung Quat, Quang Ngai – the key project of the company – with their family traveled hundreds of kilometers to join the even.

Starting by, the atmosphere was warmed up with outdoor team-building activities. The green grass in Thao Vien Resort was dyed white with the color of Đua Fat uniform and filled with the spirit of enthusiasm of everybody. Individual and team games took place in order to explore the individual abilities and increase the strength of solidarity among co-workers such as: Water transporters, Tunnel of Teamwork …

Expressing collective spirit and solidarity
Getting involved in team building games
Collective conjunction with “Water Transporters” game
Funny and fresh atmosphere on Team building

It is said that the spirit in the company culture is always shaped, influenced and led by the head. It is completely true at Đua Fat. Mr Le Duy Hung, the Chairman, is not only always at the forefront of corporate governance, but also ready to act as everybody’s big brother. He is playful and friendly with young and enthusiastic spirit. The individual and collective awards to increase the attractiveness and motivation from him and the Board of Directors have made the atmosphere of the team building extremely exciting and “so hot”.

“Big Boss” Became a Referee for Teams in The Game show
Animated Atmosphere was created by Rewards

Ending the chain of physical activities, Đua Fat employees and their families stepped into the main gala night filled with colorful music, professional music and carefully prepared performances. The Gala was also an emotional night when people working in same roof of Đua Fat gathered in the cold air of the North and enjoyed the music, drank a little wine, looked at the same direction, listened to the sharing of the leadership and not forgot to present the bouquet of flowers to the women on Vietnamese Women’s Day.

Ready for the “Party”
Ready for the “Party”
Breaking Out With Opening Sexy Dance
Feeling with “Tuyệt Đỉnh Song Ca” Couple Winers
MC Trọng Tai officially announce Gala Dinner Opening
General Director Dang Viet Phuong is making opening speech at Gala Dinner
Chairman of Đua Fat Foundation Joint Stock Company is presenting flowers to the Representative of Women – Head of the Women Board of Labour Union
President, CEO and Head of the Women Board of Labour Union are cheering up to open the event
Ms. Le Dung – Đua Fat women’s Representative is speaking and saying thank the President and leaders.
BoD & Leaders were cheering at staff & guests
Teams are getting involved In Game show During Gala Dinner
The first prize belongs to “Hoa Phat – Quang Ngai” team

The spirit of solidarity, sport is special in the culture of Đua Fat. It is always expressed most clearly through the meetings and especially this time team building. Đua Faters did not forget to bring home-made specialties into a internal friendship football match that took place on Thao Vien Resort. This also marked the end of a wonderful journey full of joy, fun and laughter of Đua Fat Family.


Match of Friendship with Đua Fat Spirit

The team building event will be a memory that can not be forgotten. And certainly, such regular activities will be developed, replicated and constantly renewed to bring mental meals to Đua Fat’s staff in order to creat a good foundation for human resources and company culture in accordance with the orientation set by President Le Duy Hung, to bring the Đua Fat ship increasingly steady, not only in the sea of Vietnam but also reach continental and world ocean in the future.

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