Spring is a time of harmony of heaven and earth with many beautiful natural scenery, budding trees, is the season of beginnings. Therefore, it is customizable that every new year, the employees of Duafat Group will have new year trips with the desire to have a year of peaceful, favorable and lucky health.   

With the desire to continue and ingrain the morality of “Drinking water to remember the source”, looking for the heroic memories of the nation experienced so that the country can achieve peace as today, Duafat Group chose Con Dao as the destination for the beginning of the new year. The delegation of senior managers including more than 40 directors, managers of member companies, heads of departments and Board of Directors of the Group with the head of the delegation, Chairman Le Duy Hung always carried the mood of recovery and emotion when looking for the sacred land of Con Dao.


Here, the delegation paid a ceremony to visit and offer incense to commemorate heroes and martyrs at the memorial to The Hung Duong Cemetery. After that, the whole delegation also visited and lit incense memorials at the grave of the late General Secretary Le Hong Phong, the patriotic Nguyen An Ninh, and the Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Vo Thi Sau. Having come to this place and witnessed first-eye the barbarity of the people, the empire felt the full will of the Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers. Con Dao is a place where violent enemies must tremble in the face of the temperament, revolutionary temperament and optimism of the prisoner of water.


After the trip, the group officials felt more clearly the role and responsibility of today’s generation to the country, to deserve the sacrifice of his father’s generation for independence, freedom and peace for the nation. The journey is not long, but has left many emotions in our hearts, thereby being more confident on the path of building and developing the country.

Reporter of DUAFAT’s PR team


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