In the afternoon of June 30th, in Hai Phong, Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co. Ltd and Duafat Group Joint Stock Company held a ceremony to hand over the self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) to the number 01. It is the first self-lifting floating system in the series of devices that the two sides have signed.

This equipment handover ceremony is an important basis for the long-term and sustainable cooperation between Duafat Group Joint Stock Company and Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co. Ltd, aiming to promote technology investment, construction equipment at sea and realize the goal of conquering the big sea that the Group’s Management Board and Chairman Le Duy Hung have set out.

The event was held right at the raised floor of the self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) first of all

Attending the ceremony, on the side of DuaFat Group was Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Nguyen Manh Toan – Deputy General Director; Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam – Head of Equipment Management Department, Ms. Vo Thi Dieu Nam – Chief of The Board of Directors. The representative of Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co. Ltd was Mr. Nguyen Bien Thuy – Deputy Director; Mr. Nguyen Huu Doan – Deputy Director of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company; Mr. Nguyen Thai Hung – Deputy Director; and the technical staff of the two parties.

The handover ceremony was held with a respectful, concise atmosphere and ensuring the criteria of epidemiological safety

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Bien Thuy – Deputy Director of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company emphasized the bilateral cooperation between Hong Ha and DuaFat, excited and hopeful this relationship will continue to develop sustainably in the future. In the process of developing and perfecting the self-lifting Barge equipment, there are still many difficulties and challenges, but with the effort and rhythmic coordination between the technical staff of the two sides have completed their tasks well so that today stands here to perform the ceremony of delivering the first Jackup.

Also in his speech, the Chairman of Duafat Group – Mr. Le Duy Hung made insightful comments on the trend of marine economic development in 2020 – 2030 as well as the great potential for Vietnam’s renewable energy development in the new era. , thereby emphasizing that this is a sustainable development direction for Vietnamese contractors in general, aiming to build a highly competitive contractor capable of meeting all the most stringent requirements on construction and installation of works in continental shelf areas near the shore and towards works on the coast. of domestic and world investors.

Unlike Ponton (barge) which can only be constructed in normal weather conditions, self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) the no. 01 handed over by Hong Ha to Duafat this time can be constructed in extreme weather conditions, the lifting floor is made from SS400 Steel with a design length of 25.00m, design width 17.00m, and height 2.44m, submerged water 1.60m. The self-lifting barge has four column foot clusters (each cluster of 3 segments of 12m) with a total length of 36m each made from AH36 Steel. Self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) the no. 01 is newly built according to the design drawing approved by the Vietnam Register and issued with a design certificate. The material and equipment for the production of self-lifting barges are also inspected by the Vietnam Register before being put into production.

The board of directors of Duafat and Hong Ha companies cut the ribbon to inaugurate the self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) No. 01

Duafat is currently the first motor construction unit to own a self-lifting barge (Design notation SNN 01-02) the No. 01 in the field of foundation treatment and offshore works. The investment in modern equipment not only contributes to accelerating the construction progress, bringing high economic efficiency, increasing the proactiveness in the construction of seaports (which previously had to hire foreign units) but also increases the position and competitiveness of Racing Fat in the domestic and foreign wharf construction market. , proving its mission and role in the field of construction of foundations in Vietnam.

Duafat Group also emphasized that this is just the first step of its Strategy of Mastering the Ground – Conquering the Deep Sea with 3 identified spearheads: Foundation, Port Construction, and Renewable Energy. With the mind of always ready to meet all the most difficult projects, Duafat firmly believes that it will satisfy any domestic and foreign investors.

Some photos recorded at the ceremony:

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