Le Duy Hung – Chairman of DUAFAT Group – shared a lot of strategic moves of the company in 2020. He said that the Cooperation between two large corporations of the construction industry DUAFAT and FECON in combining equipment and human resources to enhance competition would make great strides in the future.

Representatives of both parties of FECON and DUAFAT signed comprehensive Cooperation.


Established in 2004, FECON started as a company specializing in pile driving, processing, and foundations construction. After 16 years of establishment and development, FECON has become one of the leading enterprises in foundation, and construction. FECON has announced the implementation of a new strategy 2020 – 2025 to become a leading industrial and infrastructure contractor in Vietnam and a reputable investor according to international standards based on the foundation’s outstanding capabilities and underground works. FECON targets the Group’s revenue to reach VND 10,000 billion by 2025.


On the morning of June 26, 2020, at the large meeting hall of Fecon Joint Stock Company, the signing ceremony of Cooperation between FECON and DUAFAT took place exceptionally well. Attending this ceremony, there were Chairman Le Duy Hung, Acting General Director Dam Van Ly, and key officials of Duafat’s departments. On the Fecon party, there were Mr. Pham Viet Khoa – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice-Chairman. They were also ready to work with Duafat in comprehensive Cooperation, speeding up the search for opportunities, and enhancing the possibility of winning bids in potential projects based on maximizing each party’s strengths.

Mr. Dam Van Ly and FECON Board of Leaders shared their plans from both parties

Before the comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed, FECON and DUAFAT worked together through several significant projects highly appreciated by the investor for construction quality such as: Hoa Phat – Dung Quat iron and steel factory complex and deepwater port, Tay Ho Lotte Mall.

In this Cooperation, the parties will set up a focal point for exchanging business information to speed up the search for opportunities and enhance the possibility of winning bids in key and potential projects. Then, DUAFAT and FECON will also establish each other’s internal equipment rental rates; exchanging information on construction machines and resources to increase equipment use and operation efficiency.

The enhancement of the cooperation relationship not only marks the strategy of enhancing the internal strength, optimizing human resources, materials, machinery, and equipment for both FECON and DUAFAT. On the other hand, the investor also will have access to resonant power, fully assured of the quality, progress, and scale of project implementation capacity.

Handshake of two leading enterprises on the foundation

Sharing on this Cooperation, Mr. Pham Viet Khoa – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fecon said: “In the current Vietnam market, DUAFAT is the No. 1 in terms of technological capacity, equipment, and machinery. With a potential infrastructure development market like Vietnam and neighboring countries, the above advantage will be a tremendous competitive factor for FECON and DUAFAT to develop and become the leading construction corporations. and developing infrastructure in Vietnam in particular and reaching out to Southeast Asia. ”

Mr. Pham Viet Khoa – Chairman of FECON Board of Directors

On the side of DUAFAT, Mr. Le Duy Hung shared admiration for his predecessors in the previous industry, such as the Chairman of the Faculty, about the plans as prepared for the strategic handshake between the two giants, about Cooperation between the two parties. At the same time, he also affirmed that he would create the best conditions for facilities, equipment, technology, and bidding capacity documents to develop with FECON. He will not hesitate to share the management platform 4.0 being put into operation at Duafat as a fundamental strength in the management and operation of his projects and businesses.

Mr. Le Duy Hung – Chairman of Duafat Group Joint Stock Company

In the context of increasing demand for socio-economic development, renewable capacity is also one of the owners that take a strategic step on the big playground. The two giants of DUAFAT and FECON will embark on becoming contractors, building prestige based on the internal resonance capacity available on the ground, foundations and underground works.

The signing ceremony took place very well, creating a big step toward the relationship between the two groups.

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